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thermo scientific ion trap metabolism
let earth rise

awareness Video

Innovative video spoof of CSI series aimed at creating awareness.

julie jordan lac acn standard process mediherb
hana bakir

pets are people, too!

Our pets have much to share and teach

shawnna grayson
shawnna emoji girl code
dcg partnership

vertical marketing

Automated demonstration of a vertical-market software application.

personal webSite

Website created to feature personal resume, qualifications, and creative portfolio.

#Emoji Project

Fun with Google Coding and raising awareness and exposure for #girlcoding.

customer nurturing

Customer-focused campaign aimed at highlighting success stories. 

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shawnna instagram

inspiration & tools

Website created to feature various initiatives aimed at fostering an uplifted world.

Website Redesign

Creating a new brand strategy and website.

thermo scientific drug metabolism metworks

website, social, & mobile Marketing strategy & Consulting


shawnna fossilomics
shawnna marketing webmaster pro

Professional Services

Building awareness for professional services

eternal stillness

A simple sample portfolio

shawnna twitter
shawnna facebook

professional webSite

Feature personal services, newsletter, helpful information, and events.

shawnna pinterest

advice & events

Website created to host advice, support, and events that cultivate inner peace.